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Building Inspectors

Did you know most Building Inspectors are not qualified? Our inspectors are highly qualified.

Buyers and Sellers

House and home Inspections give peace of mind to both buyers and sellers, so neither have regrets. If you are dissatisfied with our inspections report, we can refund your money. Our integrity is very important to us.

Trades Contacts

We give can give you free advice on trades contacts, who can help you and who are very fair. If you want to chat about a problem, ring us.

Get to know the real condition of your future home

Simply, we give advice to help you buy your home. So give us a call on or email us on

Home Buyers and Sellers

House & Home Inspections Perth inspect houses, apartments and townhouses. We give a fast turnaround time for your report. We do the full range of house inspections for Perth. Call now for a price.




  • I loved the service and the speed. It was done very fast, and that was what I needed. They care.
  • When we rang we were worried as we had entered a contract and the inspector spent so much time making sure he detailed just what we needed. He really helped us. It was far more than what we would have expected. We are so appreciative.
  • They know what they are doing here, for certain. I engaged them in the New South Wales region, and they did so much. They really cared and I desperately needed a professional on my side.

Refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with our work, or report, you can get a refund. Our integrity is important to us.